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Many people know that infinity jewellery symbolises eternity and everlasting love, but it also represents empowerment. Originally created as a maths symbol for a number that will never be reached, it has become so much more than that. Different cultures have their unique spins on the infinity symbol meaning, but across all cultures the infinity pendant or ring seems to have two things in common: love and permanence.

The sense of empowerment that the infinity symbol embodies makes it a great gift for someone who has recently achieved a major goal. Conversely, a one-of-a-kind infinity piece of jewellery could be just the thing to empower a loved one who has recently experienced difficult times and needs a confidence boost. 

If you are looking for an infinity engagement ring or wedding ring, the infinity symbol doesn’t have to dominate the entire ring. You can easily include infinity in the band through a subtle diamond studded crisscross pattern.

Infinity symbol love doesn’t have to be romantic. If you want to buy a special someone in your life a meaningful milestone birthday present, or commemorate an occasion like graduating university, an infinity necklace is the perfect way to show you care.

Infinity means ‘boundless’ in Latin and, similar to the Celtic cross, the symbol has no beginning and no end. This idea of forever can make it a powerful heirloom or gift for your child at birth that they can grow into and keep for life.