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Diamond Exchange offers a highly curated selection of ring styles filled with timeless classics. If you have something particular in mind and cannot find what you are looking for, we can even help custom design a ring exclusive to you. Or choose from one of our unique collections created by our talented designers to suit many different personalities and lifestyles.


Vintage engagement rings are the perfect way to combine a little old school elegance with some youthful chic vibes. Unique vintage has already stood the test of time and will still look amazing 50 years from now.


All of our Outré styles have the diamond placed horizontally on the ring to provide a truly unique look and feel. Dare to be different with our latest bohemian range.


Many people know that infinity jewellery symbolises eternity and everlasting love, but it also represents empowerment. Originally created as a math symbol for a number that will never be reached, it also symbolises love and permanence.

Engagement Rings

Custom made engagement rings are the ideal way to pledge lifelong commitment to the one you love. Whether you submit an image to design your own custom ring, or adapt the styles we offer to suit your taste, custom rings can be the beginning of a family heirloom that is passed down for generations.

Precious Metal Options

Nothing changes the overall feel of a piece of jewellery like the metal it’s made of. When selecting a setting, Diamond Exchange offers four stunning options for the ring of your dreams: platinum, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct rose gold.

Read our precious metals guide for more information on which metal might be the right choice for you.


Platinum jewellery is truly built to last a lifetime and beyond: platinum is a rare, valuable and strong metal with a high purity level of 95%. It is extremely resistant to damage and tarnishing. Platinum is hypoallergenic, which is perfect for anyone with allergies to certain metals.

18ct White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and other metals like silver, copper and palladium, which add strength and help give the metal its colour. These other metals make up 25% of the composition of the ring. The ring is then coated with rhodium for the perfect finish and for extra durability. White gold is easy to polish and repair, although it must be replated with rhodium regularly to maintain its appearance.

18ct Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most traditional choice for jewellery. While most people simply think of it as gold, 18ct yellow gold is actually an alloy of 75% gold and 25% pure alloys, for optimum strength and durability. Yellow gold is usually alloyed with copper and silver.

18ct Rose Gold

Rose gold is created by alloying metal with copper for a finish that is a unique colour. Like 18ct white gold and 18ct yellow gold, it consists of 75% gold and 25% pure alloys. Rose gold is a great choice for someone who always loves something a little bit different.

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Find Her Ring Size

If you’re wondering how to measure ring size without ruining the proposal surprise, consider taking a ring that she wears on a ring finger to a jeweller and use their ring sizer to determine size number or letter.

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Jewellery Design Glossary

With so many elements to consider when designing jewellery, uncover our Design Glossary to conquer jewellery terminology.

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