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Diamond Exchange's collections are designed with the personalities of our customers in mind. Whether wanting to symbolise infinite love with the Infinity Collection, or perhaps a more unique romance with the Outré Collection, you can find a ring that suits your character.

Infinity Collection

Many people know that infinity jewellery symbolises eternity and everlasting love, but it also represents empowerment.







Outré Collection

Our Outré Collection was inspired by women who run at a different pace, innovators who love pushing the limits of conventional design.







Elegance Collection

The Elegance Collection is an exclusive range of jewellery with a uniquely feminine twist. It is characterised by elegance and contains the kind of pieces that most women could wear as day to day staples.







Eternal Fire Collection

Each ring in the Eternal Fire collection features a small signature diamond under the setting, making these rings completely unique and the perfect way to say ‘I’ll love you forever’.







Vintage Collection

Vintage engagement rings are the perfect way to combine a little old school elegance with some youthful chic vibes.







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