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Your Diamond Education Guide | Learn About The 4 Cs Of Diamonds

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At Diamond Exchange, all of our high quality diamonds are ethically sourced from around the world.

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When choosing a diamond, the first step is usually selecting a shape. Learn about round brilliant cut diamonds and fancy shaped diamonds such as cushion, oval, princess and emerald cut diamonds.

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Learn about the 4C's


Although many confuse cut with shape, cut refers to the quality of a jeweller’s work in creating facets, light refraction, symmetry and overall shine in a stone.

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Despite popular belief, although a diamond carat can give a rough indication of size, it is predominantly an indicator of a diamond’s weight.

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As a diamond forms, traces of nitrogen often get caught inside and cause a slight brown or yellow tinge, affecting its colour. At Diamond Exchange, we only carry diamonds within the highest colour grades.

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Each diamond varies in clarity, ranging on a scale from flawless to included, and no two are identical.

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