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Choose your ideal precious metal by
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Precious Metal Options

When selecting a setting, Diamond Exchange has four precious metals to choose from: platinum, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct rose gold.


  • Platinum looks similar to white gold and silver and is compatible with all skin types, particularly fair skin.

  • Platinum is renowned worldwide for its strength and durability, resistant to rust, tarnish and damage from normal wear.

  • Platinum is the most valuable precious metal, even surpassing gold.

White Gold

  • 18ct white gold is a popular contemporary colour that really makes diamonds pop!

  • White gold metal is mixed with very strong alloys to make it a great affordable alternative to platinum.

  • 18ct white gold has a lower price point than platinum, but requires re-rhodium plating every few years, which can get expensive.

Yellow Gold

  • 18ct yellow gold is a classic colour for engagement rings, still popular today.

  • 18ct yellow gold consists of 75% pure gold and is mixed with other strong metals to make it durable for a lifetime of wear.

  • 18ct yellow gold is more affordable than platinum and has a similar price to 18ct white and rose gold.

Rose Gold

  • 18ct rose gold is a romantic blend of pure gold and copper with a feminine glow to suit many styles and skin tones.

  • Rose gold has a similar strength to 18ct yellow gold and is resistant to rust and tarnish.

  • 18ct rose gold has a lower price point than platinum, similarly valued to 18ct white and yellow gold.

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