How To Wear
Your Wedding Ring

Matching Your Wedding and Engagement Ring

Mix & Match

Your wedding ring is a lifetime piece of jewellery, so you want to make sure it is compatible with your lifestyle. While we can guide you through the different ways to wear your ring, it is worth taking some time to think about how you want to wear your wedding ring, as it’s a very personal choice.

Matching Your Wedding and Engagement Ring

Select Your Design

Do you choose a traditional plain ring, a diamond set ring or perhaps a patterned wedding ring? A popular choice for wedding rings for women is the plain gold band although in more recent years diamond set wedding rings are emerging as a beautiful alternative.

Matching Your Wedding and Engagement Ring

Contoured Wedding Rings

A contoured wedding ring can be wonderfully unique - custom made to curve perfectly around your special engagement ring. Your bridal set will sit together easily because they are designed to clasp each other, creating a neater look. The only thing to remember with contoured wedding rings is that it may look like something is missing if you wear it without the engagement ring.

Choosing a Complementary Wedding Ring

While a perfectly matching wedding ring is stunning, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Personality, taste and your history will determine what you find most appealing, so choose either one based on what you’re comfortable with. If you’re planning on any bridal set, make sure both rings are made of the same material (don’t even mix 9ct gold with 18ct gold which is softer) to prevent damage when they sit together over a long period of time.

Wearing Your Wedding Ring Separately

Your engagement and wedding ring don’t have to be worn together. You can move your engagement ring to your right hand on your wedding day and keep it there while your wedding ring graces your left ring finger (or vice versa). The benefit of choosing separate rings is that you’re not locked into any particular style for both purchases, just for the sake of fitting neatly together. Some women even opt for no engagement ring at all, giving you complete freedom with your wedding ring choice.

Stackable Wedding Rings

Ring stacking is when you wear two or more rings on the same finger. For this to be effective they must be shaped to fit with other rings. Stackable wedding rings are great if you tend to wear a lot of jewellery or like the variety of not always having to wear your engagement and wedding band together.

Pairing a Vintage Engagement Ring

If you are lucky enough to have a genuine vintage engagement ring, you can either let it sparkle solo or pair it with one of our Vintage Collection wedding rings. If the engagement ring design is complicated, you may want to go for a simple wedding ring. If you want to match certain engravings or style features of the engagement ring, send us a picture and we will design a ring to match it (be sure to include the metal type).

Next Steps

How to wear wedding rings is all up to you at the end of the day. Some choose to have their wedding and engagement rings soldered together for a neat and low maintenance look while others like the flexibility of keeping them separate. Browse our different wedding ring categories to find one you love.

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