December 21, 2018

Christmas Gifts to Keep Everyone Happy

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a challenge to find the right presents for everyone on your list. The answer is simple: jewellery is truly the gift that will impress every time.


It’s meaningful, luxurious, and no woman ever said “Thanks but I already have a necklace” or “These earrings don’t fit, did you keep the receipt?”

Whether you’re buying a Christmas present for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mum, daughter or a friend, the right piece of jewellery will show them how special they are to you and make this a Christmas to remember. We’ve put together these suggestions to help you choose a gift that fits with your loved one’s personality and interests to help you make the perfect choice.



For someone who’s always on the go

Stud earrings are ideal for someone who lives an active lifestyle: perhaps a busy mum or driven career woman, or both! These earrings suit people who don’t normally wear a lot of jewellery, or who save their fancier pieces for special occasions. Built to last, diamond studs suit all occasions and transition seamlessly from the office to cocktail hour to chilling on the couch with the family. They are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to everyday life. Our range of studs includes claw earrings, halo earrings and bezel set earrings, so be sure to browse the full collection to find your favourites - or 
design your own earrings!


For someone who likes things to be different

We all know someone who was born to stand out, and will never settle for conventional. Luckily jewellery doesn’t have to be traditional or classic. Look for a piece of jewellery with a twist, like a necklace in a less common metal such as rose gold. Got someone truly unique? Consider working with Diamond Exchange to 
design a custom pendant or set of earrings that perfectly represents them.



For someone who’s sentimental

Some people love their presents to be rich with meaning and sentimentality - something that will make them cry and that they will treasure. Jewellery is the perfect choice for somebody like this! Consider buying them a classic diamond ring. Rings are inherently full of meaning, and are among the most popular pieces to become treasured family heirlooms. Contrary to popular belief, diamond rings don’t have to be kept for engagements only! A ring from parents or a spouse is just as meaningful, especially if it marks another big life event.



Whoever you are buying for this year, there’s a piece of jewellery to suit their personality and tastes. Browse our collection today to find something that will make this Christmas the best one yet!