Diamond Colour

Discover more about diamond colour – a significant consideration when making your selection.

What Is Diamond Colour?

Based on the GIA grade scale, colour describes the inherent natural colour or absence of colour perceptible in a diamond. Only colourless and near-colourless diamonds are carried by Diamond Exchange. The less colour in a diamond, the more rare. Colour within a diamond does not necessarily make it less valuable or compromise its quality, but those with little or no colour are harder to find. Various trace elements during a diamond’s formation cause colours. There are shades of yellow, grey or brown in most diamonds and these are all encompassed by the colour scale. There are three components to the colour visible in gemstones - hue, tone and saturation. Hue means the essential colour impression - yellow, grey, brown, pink or other. The relative lightness or darkness of the colour is described as its tone. Saturation describes the purity, strength and intensity of the hue.

What Diamond Colour Grading Do We Recommend?

For a beautiful white colour, we recommend a colour grading within the range of D (absolutely colourless) to G (near-colourless and excellent value).

Can We Supply Coloured Diamonds?

If you are looking for a different coloured diamond for your engagement ring such as a pretty pink, a canary yellow or even a contemporary black, please contact one of our consultants who will be happy to look after you. Diamond Exchange can source any coloured diamond you desire as we have relationships with the best cutting houses in the world.

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