Rose gold engagement rings have a romantic vintage charm that is growing steadily in popularity. A beautiful blend of copper and gold, rose gold has a warm glow about it that can’t be equaled. It complements olive skin tones and has a classy air about it.

A rose gold engagement ring is a tender statement, declaring your unique love to the world. Whether you opt for a trilogy, halo or simple solitaire design, your ring is sure to wow your family and friends. An engagement ring should match your personality, so consider whether you want a classic round or a fancy cut diamond. With a more petite hand might you want to stick to something small and simple, while if you have long fingers you might choose to go bold with a vintage halo or trilogy setting.

You don’t have to stick to all the same shape stones. Why not have a unique emerald centre stone with small round side stones to create some Art Deco sophistication? If you’ve looked through our rose gold rings and still can’t find something you love, check out our Top Twenty Engagement Rings for inspiration, or browse our custom engagement rings page to find the ring of your dreams.