White gold necklaces are without a doubt one of the most popular jewellery gift items. They work for every skin colour, and a stunning pendant on the right length white gold necklace chain is the perfect stress-free gift. Search our diamond necklace page for the ideal white gold gift.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum? While the two are often confused, the advantage of buying white gold is the price. While platinum is stronger, it also makes jewellery heavier and more expensive. They are both great choices and the right one just depends on your budget and needs.

A love heart pendant is an appropriate gift to give your girlfriend for her 21st or 30th birthday, or as a special gift for your fiancée to remember your engagement party. If you have a christening, confirmation or baptism coming up, a diamond cross pendant gives your family member or friend a constant visual reminder of their faith. Our star cluster and circle diamond pendants work well for women who are passionate about nature, or who just love a simple and natural design.

The drop pendant is a versatile design that works well for all kinds of women. It has a chic, modern look that appeals to anyone after a fresh look, especially our bezel setting. Choose from one of our many stunning pendants today.