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About Cut

Like us, each diamond is unique, and that includes their cut. Although many confuse cut with shape, cut refers to the quality of a jeweller’s work in creating facets, light refraction, symmetry and overall shine in a stone. If a diamond is cut poorly, it may look slightly rough, uneven or asymmetrical and, more importantly, won’t reflect as much light or be as valuable as a skillfully cut diamond.

Types of Reflection


Brilliance refers to the white light that is returned from the diamond to the eye. Diamonds are cut with the facets angled to a point in the base of the diamond in such a way so that beams of light entering the diamond from above bounce off the facets and are reflected back out through the top of the stone. The more precisely a diamond is cut, the more brilliance it will produce.

Types of Reflection


When white light enters a diamond and separates into its spectral colours, ricochets off the internal facets and is reflected back to the eye in flashes of colour, this is known as ‘fire’. The higher the standard of cut, the more dispersion of light and fire will be visible.

Types of Reflection


The flashes of white light mixed with hints of dark viewed when a diamond is moved is called scintillation or sparkle. A diamond which has a very high cut grading will exhibit even scintillation over the whole top of the stone.

Diamond Cut Chart

For further guidance, refer to our diamond cut chart below. Make sure you consider more than just the cut: the higher the clarity, colour and carat, the more valuable the diamond will be.

Diamond Characteristics

There are many types of diamond cuts. Some will naturally create more sparkle, like a brilliant round or princess cut, while others are cut in longer, stepped planes, to showcase the stunning clarity of the diamond, like an emerald cut. To find the best diamond cut narrow our filter to ‘super ideal’ and adjust the price to suit your budget. Make sure you consider more than just the cut: the higher the clarity, colour and carat, the more valuable the diamond will be.

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